Born in 1976, A.F. Sin a.k.a. Kid Sin is a Jersey City, NJ native who has been in the hip-hop game for over 25 years.
At the early age of 12 Sin started developing his own unique style of rap, and a flow that few can match.
In 1995 Sin put together the rap group known as "The Kindred", this group consisted of Sin, Polo Rock, and Nitwit.
During these years Sin also learned how to produce and began creating beats for the group to spit to, unfortunately, the original members of the group went their separate ways in 1996 and haven't spoken since.

The following year, Sin met a talented young MC by the name of Vic Shadez.
Sin and Shadez began making music and found that together they could be a real force in the game, so Sin decided to resurrect his old group with new members and officially renamed the group "Tha Kin".
In 2000 Sin and Shadez met another young and gifted MC by the name of J-Pleezz, and decided to add him as a new addition to the group.
Over the next few years, the group dropped numerous CDs worth of music and featured the artist B-Wyze on several drops.

In 2003 Tha Kin finally found someone willing to invest in the group and a recording studio was opened in Union City, NJ.
At this time Tha Kin joined forces with another up and coming group known as Con-Science and the 2 groups began making the hottest

music created thus far. Unfortunately in 2004 Sin's life was turned upside down due to family issues, so he made the move to Holyoke, MA with his son. The move was a good one because even though within a year the studio was lost and Tha Kin's movement was halted, Sin's wife gave birth to his daughter in late 2005. If the move would never have been made, she wouldn't be here.

Over the last few years, Sin has been heavy into the battle rap scene and has put together an impressive battle record. In 2008 Tha Kin reconnected and began recording the album "Eleven". Also that year, Sin briefly moved back to Jersey, only to return months later to the Oke. Sin is currently working on new solo and group projects.