In 2004,a group of friends organized and created a company called GO-ILLA Productions,LLC. Coming straight out of Hudson County New Jersey, these individuals decided to take their dream and make it a reality. GO-ILLA consists of many talented artists, producers, and graphic designers. Members include Vic Shadez, J Pleezz, Chief, Eddie Dos, Sosick, Solution, Bwyze, A.F. Sin, A.F. Netic, Reny, Dj's Big Dee N Cliffhanger.
This crew is more like a family who's loyalty to hip hop will never fade. Their distinct sound is influenced from many genres of music, and the greatest era of hip hop, the 90's. With the hunger to bring their sound to the masses, in 2006 GO-ILLA set their sights on a showcase based in Chicago. After a 13 hour drive, running on no sleep they got the respect they were looking for, receiving beats produced by Kanye West to help jump start their career.
While building up an amazing catalog, they were locking down shows across the local NYC, Jersey area. Places such as China Club, Remote Lounge, and The Gold Hawk, which led them to win an award for best local independent hip hop artists at the 2009 Hoboken Music Awards.



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