Package Deal

We our offering our services to artist who are looking to create an album package. Our album package includes the following. A 10 song demo with exclusive leases to any of our instrumentals listed on our beats page, mixing and mastering (and recording if you live in our area), an album cover (front and back), and a video (editing only unless you live in our area, then we will also include a video shoot). All of our services are professionally done and we stand by our work. Our pricing for the package is $3000 with a discount of $500 if you do not live in our area and do not record, or do a video shoot with us. Below are examples of our recent work.


Below are some examples of the quality videos we have done. If you are just looking for video work, we offer two separate prices. Our first deal is $500 for a video shoot and the edit. Our second deal is for those people who can not travel to our area for the shoot. We will edit your video footage for a flat $250 fee. Please allow for 1 to 2 weeks for the completion of your video. If for any reason you do not like the video we send you, we offer a 1 time re-edit. All video files will be sent via Dropbox.


We are offering our graphic design services to anyone in need of things like album covers, logos, flyers and more. We do great visual work for low prices. Most images range from between $50 an $100, and our turnaround is within one week. Check out some of our work below or visit our graphic designs page for more examples.


Mixing and Mastering

Other Services